by Nicole Okicki

Tampa Headquarters Opening

Reversed Brand opens Tampa headquarters.

Since our launch in 2024, you've likely seen our hats on your favorite athlete, influencer, family member, or friend, so here's some exciting news to keep you in the loop.

Reversed Brand is excited to announce that its official global headquarters have been established in Tampa, Florida! Our headquarters centralizes inventory, fulfillment, and management processes. What does that mean for you? A simplified buying experience with expedited processing means getting products to you sooner and smoother.

Reversed Brand was founded by three great friends out of Jupiter, FL (Carson Puia, Blake Chami, and Finn Maitland), who wanted to modify perspective through ways of fashion, specifically hats. Reversed Brand has since established itself as a fashion-forward lifestyle apparel company with a robust catalog of headwear, and things have just begun. With the coming together of our founding officers and our powerhouse list of high-level investors, the sky's the limit. It is our intent to leverage our headwear foundation into clothing, apparel, and trademark-based products. The Tampa-centric investor group consists of well-known retired professional athletes, current sports team executives, leading media and marketing companies, as well as an industry-dominating manufacturing partner in Largo.

Managing Partners Scott Lee and KC Tenukas provide expertise in growth capital and will leverage that to elevate the company’s strategic plans. KC Tenukas said, “We have been talking about doing a deal together for a while. What started out as a smaller, minority investment by just Scott and me evolved into a majority growth investment so we can drive the strategy, direction, and momentum. We went to a targeted group of folks that all add value in their own way, and we are thrilled with the progress made in just three months.” Scott Lee said, “Right now, we have only just executed on our Tampa strategy. We have a massive pipeline of other markets, with brand partners ready to carry our flag. The NIL deals with collegiate and professional athletes, retail opportunities, partnerships we are working on with schools, restaurants, teams, and collaboration opportunities with other brands and artists, and has allowed us to build our brand in a short period of time that you are seeing all over the U.S.”

This is only the beginning. 

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